Maxwell specializes in fine art portraiture and is currently taking commissions. For those who appreciate quality, original artwork, this is a great opportunity to own a classical portrait, either personal or that of a loved one at a very affordable rate.


Maxwell uses the time honored techniques of  the old masters--building up layers of direct paint, transparent glazing and scumbling which results in a beautifully illuminated portrait. 


For individual portraits, there is a flat rate fee for the following available sizes



One Figure with simple background:

11x14 - $800                                                  

16x20 - $1000                                                

18x24 - $1500                                                

20x30 - $2000                                                                                    

24x36 - $2500                                                

30x40 - $3000



One Figure with Complex background:


16x20 - $1500

18x24 - $2000

20x30 - $2500                                    

24x36 - $3000

30x40 - $3500



For every additional figure add $500 to each price.


Custom orders are also available which may include multiple individuals or larger sizes for an adjusted rate.  A standard commission normally takes approximately two weeks to complete.

If you are interested in this timeless gift which will bring enjoyment for generations get in touch!

EMAIL: Nolin41291@yahoo.com

TEL: (978).886.8518



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